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Friday, July 27, 2018

Over N650 million counterfeit goods has been destroyed by NAFDAC in Kaduna

The National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has destroyed fake, counterfeit, sub-standard and expired drugs worth N650 million in Kaduna. The Director-General of the agency, Prof. Christiana Adeyeye, said at the destruction site in Buruku, Kaduna State, that the products were substandard, falsely labelled medicines, unwholesome food products and cosmetics. Others were counterfeited unsafe NAFDAC regulated products by the agency from manufacturers, importers and distributors.
Represented by the North West Zonal Coordinator of the agency, Mr Gimba Dauda, she said the exercise was part of efforts to stop spurious NAFDAC regulated products from circulation in Nigeria. “The products being destroyed today are made of substandard and falsely labelled medicines, unwholesome food products, cosmetics and other counterfeited products. “Drug counterfeiting is an act of economic sabotage and also terrorism against public health,’’ the director-general said. Commending the Federal Government for banning the use of codeine syrup, Adeyeye said: “The decision is to ensuring the reduction in the abuse of the substance. “We have continued to aggressively pursue the goal that only genuine medicines and wholesome foods of the right qualities are imported, exported, manufactured and distributed. “We commend President Muhammadu Buhari for re-instating NAFDAC personnel to our ports of entry and borders.” She noted that the relentless effort of the federal government was helping in the increase seizures of counterfeited and substandard NAFDAC regulated products smuggled through the land borders. She said that NAFDAC has deepened its collaboration with agencies of government and stakeholders to end the spread of fake and counterfeited drugs in Nigeria. Part of the drugs, food, cosmetics and chemical destroyed included antibiotics, antimalarial, anti-hypertensive, anti-cancer, herbal remedies and controlled substances. Others were Mom’s tomato paste, non-alcoholic beverages, maize flour, Eva complexion soap, hair cream and fake insecticides.
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Saturday, July 21, 2018

HEALTH :Aussie research on chromosome structures points to new major disease treatment

 Australian researchers on Friday said they have 4 crucial features of human chromosomes, pointing to a better understanding and treatment of chronic conditions ranging from cancer to heart disease.
Their study involves telomeres, the DNA segments at the end of chromosomes that shorten in length with age. The shortening signals aging cells to stop dividing and normally acts as an important barrier to cancer growth. But the length of telomeres is also a crucial disease marker, and people born with abnormally short telomeres can suffer from high rates of cancer and other illnesses. The researchers' latest findings involved identifying the underlying cause that changes the loop-like features of telomeres as people age. "Telomeres normally form a loop structure, where the chromosome end is hidden. We found that when the telomere-loop unfolds, the chromosome end is exposed and the cell perceives this as broken DNA," said Dr Tony Cesare from the Children's Medical Research Institute in a statement.
"We knew that telomeres regulate cellular ageing, but our new data explain the trigger that makes telomeres unhealthy," said Cesare, who led the study that also involved collaboration with scientists from the University of New South Wales. Their work used advanced super-resolution microscopes to observe the telomere-loops. The researchers found that the telomeres could be "opening up" in young people, leading to disease, while the structures could also change in response to chemotherapy drugs. Analyzing and managing the structure and behavior of the telomeres and their loop-like features could point to better ways of preventing and treating major diseases, according to the study published in the Molecular Cell scientific journal.
"We've shown that it's not just telomere length, but telomere structure and telomere health that we need to understand," said Cesare.
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Monday, November 13, 2017

nigeria news today headlines:Enugu psychiatric hospital workers give health minister 14-day ultimatum over management crisis


 Workers at the Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital Enugu has given a 14-day ultimatum to the minister of state for health to tackle all the management issues affecting the hospital or have the battle shift to the National Assembly. This followed a reported failed peace move initiated by the Enugu State Police Commissioner. DAILY POST gathered that the police chief had invited all the warring parties in the health institution with hope of finding a common ground. However, it was learnt that as soon as the parties returned to the hospital, the Medical Director, Dr. Jojo Onwukwe, who was also at the peace parley, issued query to all the staff who were present at the meeting with the CP, except his allies. The development has already sparked fresh round of crisis in the institution with the two nurses’ associations, the University Graduate Nursing Sciences Associationin (UGONSA) and the Association of Psychiatric Nurses of Nigeria, (APNON) in the area vowing to mobilize for a major industrial unrest.

In a press statement made available to journalists in Enugu, the national secretary of UGONSA, G.I Nshi called on the Federal Ministry of Health to intervene and save the hospital from unavoidable crisis. The group said it was strange that several months after a panel, sent from the Federal ministry of health visited the hospital, its recommendations were yet to be implemented. They added that the minister of state for health had equally visited the hospital but was yet to take any action on the endless crisis. The group, therefore, called on the ministry to look into the decade-long crisis in the hospital. “We are using this medium to alert the Federal Ministry of health to the looming fresh crisis at the Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Enugu. “As concerned citizens of Nigeria and workers in the hospital, we cannot continue to fold our hands and watch the obvious victimization and threat of workers, as well as abuse of office by the Medical Director, Jojo Onwukwe. “We have tried to maintain the peace in the hospital, but the management through its cronies, is not ready to heed to any form of peace moves. “It has remained clear that the Medical Director is hell-bent on clamping down on his perceived enemies in the hospital, who he believes to have instigated a criminal case against his personal secretary, Mrs. Stella Achara. “This is despite the public knowledge that Mrs. Achalla is standing trial not for union matters but for allegedly defrauding over 50 job seekers. “Shockingly, the MD has resorted to self-help by coming after members of staff, who he believes instigated the victims of the fraud into taking up the matter. As a result, the said staff, mostly in the school of Nursing, were now under the MD’s daily attack, which he launches through one of his attack dogs, one Andrew Orovwigho. The said Andrew is hiding under SERVICOM, to harass life out of them. “While he issued query to some staff for attending peace parley initiated by the Enugu CP, nothing has been said of the MD’s secretary, Mrs. Achara, her children and brother who had been absent from work repeatedly. “We also have a case where a senior worker, in the position of ADN, has been asked to hand over the emergency unit of the hospital to a junior officer in the level of CNO. No other persecution could be more than this. “Following these developments, we are calling for the immediate implementation of the report of the Federal ministry of health’s visitation panel. We believe that this is the only thing that will bring about a lasting peace in the hospital. “We may not guarantee industrial peace any longer if action was not taken to stop this endless intimidation, victimization and abuse of office by the MD.

“It is getting to a point where all the nurses in the country will be mobilized to the Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital Enugu in order to end this impunity. “We, therefore, urge the Honourable Minister of State for Health to come to our aid and save these workers from such a humiliating experience.” The workers said should the ministry fail to accede to their requests, they would take the matter to the National Assembly. “We can’t continue to keep quiet in the face of tyranny. We will take the matter before the both health committees in the Senate and the House of Representatives if the report is not implemented within 14 days”, the workers vowed. Meanwhile, a reliable source in the Federal ministry of health told journalists in confidence that the panel, among other things recommended that the MD be caused to activate the process of appointment of a substantive assistant director/HOD administration. “Cause the MD to place Mrs. Achara on suspension as required by the rule until the determination of the case by the court; “To ratify as substantive the acting appointment of the principal of the school of nursing; “Direct immediate conduct of 2017 senior staff promotion exercise with the participation of eligible ADNs; “Direct all parties to sheath their sword.”
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