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About us

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about us

We aim to create a meeting point where the general public can get the latest update and information around the world. The goal of tokanews.com is to PROVIDE lots of information as mush as possible and also to create an avenue where people can get mobile devices and other stuffs like that through adverts and other subsequent related things like that

my profile

Firstly i will like to introduce ourselves because you know what we are team.The name of the administrators are;the Nigerian students This our quest for blogging started in december 2016 so as you can see it is not that to far but within this range we have been able to meet some peoples demands in information.

you are important to us

I want to dedicate this website firstly to you that is reading the content.I promise to give you a unique information because you are a wonderful person. tokanews aim is to update you on the latest development across the globe and in the country.The tokanews also give a unique information on the latest updates in the university we and secondary schools

What we offer

Information/news and adverts is all what tokanews is all about.

our service

our service is outstanding and we deliver a reliable information. like they say that information is power on this note we try in as much as possible we can to provide a very quality information both on campus and off-campus.Our information is legit and trust me we give a better information on scholarship news and other things that are related to such things like the those of you guyz that want to get the latest information on the latest scholarships that is going on in the federal universities,state universities and polytechnics we offer a very reliable information on that.

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