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Hausa Fulanis are Child Rapist like Buhari and their Prophet Muhammad (course be upon him)

Oh my God! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH NORTHERN NIGERIANS???? Who are the parents of this kid? Can they not see the fright and sorrow in her eyes? And who is this imbecile, this animal, this, this Monster?..... (God help us) this DEMON deserves a room in hell!

NO!! IT IS A CRIME! The parents, the "groom", the guests, the community should be arrested......they are all criminals. Hausa Fulanis are idiots, we can't be in the same country with this killers and child Rapist. Emir Sanusi, Buhari, Sultan of Sokoto and all the Iman in the zOO should be held responsible for supporting this evil. Source:Facebook
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