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she’ll kill me and drink my blood’, ‘If I dare return home with my wife

“My lord, I would rather stay back in court than go back home with my wife. If I return home with her, she will kill me because she attacks me with broken bottles and threatens to hack me down with a cutlass and drink my blood.” Gafar Olasupo had dragged his wife, Ibikun Olasupo to court asking it to put an end to their five-year-old marriage on the accounts of violence and threat to life. He further prayed the court to restrain her from coming to fight him in his home and work place while he also pleaded that the custody of their two children be granted him. The plaintiff stated thus:”My wife is disobedient and is as stubborn as a goat. She has no regard for me and always treats my instructions with contempt. “My sister put to bed and I gave her money to pay her a visit in the hospital but she refused to go. I again instructed her to go to her place a day before the naming ceremony to help out with the preparations. She again refused to go and said she wasn’t ready to stress herself. “We were both at the naming ceremony the following day and I chastised her for being cold and withdrawn towards my family members. She became angry and drew a knife at me. I would have been a dead man today but for those around who took the knife from her. “My lord, that wasn’t the first time she would threaten me with dangerous weapons. She’s used to threaten me with cutlass and broken bottles any time we have a misunderstanding and will state that she wants to drink my blood, “Gafar told the court. “The practice in my family is to celebrate Ileya festival at my father’s place. Every member of my family gathered there during the last festival, but my wife refused to go. I made it known to her I would not attend any function in her family again since she has acted aloof towards my family members. “But when her father died, I spared headed the responsibility of his burial. I bought the coffin and gave N7,000 out of the N10, 000 her family members requested from me, “he added. “She has become too big to cook for me. I was initially buying food stuff for the home but she would refuse to cook. I later decided to give her money to purchase these food stuffs, but she refused to shop for them. “We quarreled on this issue and later went to bed. My lord, she attempted to stab me in the night with a broken bottle. I ran out of our apartment and hid in a corner till the day broke. I decided to leave home and stay away from her before she cuts my life short, “he stated. The defendant did not accede to claim. “My lord, although my husband is skilled in lying, I’m not willing to divorce him. We are together in this marriage forever, “Ibukun said. “He had skillfully crafted all he had said to win the court’s favour. I don’t want to leave him because I can’t start searching for a new husband at my age. I also don’t want our children to suffer.” After he had listened to the duo, the court president stated that more evidence would be needed. He, therefore, adjourned the case till January 23 and asked both parties to come with their children and parents.
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