Ndigbo, Nnamdi Kanu is your true hero


 By the time President Muhammadu Buhari is done with his remaining five and a half years in the presidency (yes, five and a half, because he’s too desperate to lose re-election and the gap between him and the runner-up may be so wide for contestation, making the poll ending in a semblance of Obasanjo/Maurice Iwu wuruwuru landslide), Nnamdi Kanu, the IPOB guinea-pig, may have become a piece of grey history, whether he’s seen alive in public again or his grave; an unmarked piece of accursed space.

But I will never leave the Almighty God that can change the course of history within a second, out of the Kanu equation. My projection is indubitably the wish of his opponents and their insider collaborators, but only the counsel of The Lord shall stand! Yes, Kanu conducted his Biafran project with the wisdom of milk-teeth. He possibly reasoned like a child in a tellingly-didactic story who insisted on carrying a load his father correctly assumed, was too big for him. The swashbuckling son simply told his Dad, “I will carry this heavy load, then you will carry me.” That extrapolating wisdom failed Kanu. The same way it failed the incontestably-qualified Aare Ona-Kakanfo Kashimawo Abiola.

Treason (which exactly is declaring a parallel government) will always be too big a load for an individual, regardless of pocket and influence size. Perhaps, Abiola was looking in the way of the so-called world super-powers, to carry him, together with the crushing “felony” load. Maybe, Kanu also had them, particularly Israel and by extension, US, in his view. Both men became the proverbial heads on which over-mature coconuts were ferociously smashed to prise open, who certainly would not be around to participate in sipping either the mystery water or the crunchy mixed white and brown cake-like inside. By the time the rest of Nigeria left the presidential field yawningly-open for MKO’s people in 1999, Moshood’s second year tenancy was about expiring in the hereafter. He got nothing for what he staked all for.

Were Kanu to be alive (I have a strong premonition he’s long gone) or free to watch his torment; President Buhari being crowned the Ochi Oha Ndigbo last week by his own preening, grinning and genuflecting people for whom he claimed he was on an apparent suicide mission, he might be compelled to reprogramme his mission, which would likely exclude the episcopal charade he hewn for himself as a Jewish Monk and the Josephic vision of everybody including father and mother, bowing to worship him. But Kanu isn’t a loser as MKO wasn’t. Yes, there are no direct benefits, but history has been kind to Moshood despite his misty past. He’s been credited today as watering the path of Yoruba race back into national prominence, with his blood, even if by default.

History may even be kinder to Kanu, though he appears forgotten now as presidential owanbe spreads in his South-East. But for his amateur agitation, Ndigbo won’t become the beautiful bride being courted by Abuja today. Even the infamous 97 per cent to 5 per cent developmental formula is being redrawn. Buhari’s new Igbo traditional title means “the leader of all,” but the lions may soon have their own historians and the history of hunt may not glorify the hunter again—apology to Chinua Achebe.


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